New Bedford Marine
Commerce Terminal

In addition to ProvPort, Waterson Terminal Services is also a fully licensed stevedore at the Port of New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal.

At WTS, we understand the importance of maximizing loading/discharging operations in the most safe, economical and efficient manner possible to expedite vessel turnaround. We count on our experienced labor force to deliver for us and for our clients. Fully licensed and bonded, WTS has a proven track record of increased productivity. WTS’s goal is to provide the highest quality services while controlling the costs of handling.

Waterson Terminal Services was a proud partner of Deep Water Wind, America’s leading offshore wind developer, for the Block Island, RI project. Waterson Terminal Services stands ready to provide services for many of the offshore wind projects up and down the East coast.

New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal , is a multi-purpose facility designed to support the construction, assembly, and deployment of offshore wind projects, as well as handle bulk, break-bulk, container shipping and large specialty marine cargo. The first of its kind in North America, the Terminal has been engineered to be the most versatile heavy-lift cargo facility in the nation. Strategically located in the heart of New England on the Atlantic Coast of the United States, the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal has easy access to open water and is in a prime position to take advantage of both domestic and international shipping opportunities.