Port of Davisville

In addition to ProvPort, Waterson Terminal Services is also a fully licensed stevedore at the Port of Davisville.

At WTS, we understand the importance of maximizing loading/discharging operations in the most safe, economical and efficient manner possible to expedite vessel turnaround. We count on our experienced labor force to deliver for us and for our clients.

Fully licensed and bonded, WTS has a proven track record of increased productivity. WTS’s goal is to provide the highest quality services while controlling the costs of handling.

The Port of Davisville, in Rhode Island ( RI ) is strategically located near the mouth of Narragansett Bay, Davisville offers four berths and five terminals with 58 acres of laydown and terminal storage. Davisville is one of the top auto ports and frozen seafood ports along the East Coast of the United States. Quonset Business park is one of the largest in the Northeast, has world-class transportation and utility infrastructure, and combines port, rail, road and air transportation facilities within the business park.