Our History

ProvPort History Timeline


ProvPort is created as a non-profit, public-private partnership. ProvPort purchases the Port from the City of Providence for $16.5 million.


Cargo volume reaches 750,000 tons annually; Investments are made in expansion of equipment and stevedoring.


Approximately $500,000 is invested to expand port security.


Cargo volume tops 2.5 million tons, and ProvPort hires Waterson Terminal Services to manage ProvPort operations.


Cargo exceeded 3.1 million tons - 2nd busiest port after Boston in New England.


Partnered with RI Commerce Corporation as Grantees of the USDOT/MARAD Tiger 2 Grant for the purchase of two new mobile harbor cranes and crane barge.


Two mobile harbor cranes delivered to ProvPort.


Port expansion through lot 288 lease, twelve acres added to port facility footprint.


Crane barge construction completion and delivery from Conrad Shipyard in Louisiana.

In June, the RI General Assembly supported placing a $20 million bond question on the ballot that would support the expansion of ProvPort.

In November, voters overwhelming supported the bond question. ProvPort, the RI Commerce Corporation and the City of Providence are currently developing an expansion plan.

ProvPort Latitude / Longitude: 41.80173° / -71.390195°